Meet your host, Doug Parsons


Welcome to America Adapts Media! I’m Doug Parsons, climate adaptation influencer and the Director of this organization and host of the podcast.

My background: I first started doing adaptation in Queensland, Australia, focusing on the impacts of climate change on the agriculture sector. Upon returning to the United States, I joined the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and quickly assumed the duties of their first Climate Change Coordinator. In that position, I developed a first of its kind climate change course that has since been modeled by both the federal government and the state of California. I worked with some amazing people in Florida, developing the framework for the science and planning teams that continue to do amazing work in the Sunshine State. I also contributed to various national initiatives such as the National Fish, Wildlife and Plant Adaptation Strategy.

My interests increasingly turned national, so I took a position as Climate Change Liaison with the National Park Service’s Climate Change Response program. In that role, I had the privilege of contributing to some of the earliest federal policy discussions around adaptation. I then took the role as North America Policy Director at the Society for Conservation Biology, working on climate change adaptation, endangered species and science communication issues.

And now, here I am, hosting this podcast, talking with some of the most amazing experts in the field of adaptation, hoping to make the world aware there are positive stories associated with climate change and there are things we can do today to take action!

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Doug as a guest on other podcasts.

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