The climate adaptation conversation starts here


Join climate change adaptation expert Doug Parsons as he talks with scientists, activists, policymakers and journalists about the choices we face and the people who make them.

Why adaptation?

We have to get carbon under control, but, no matter how much we mitigate these emissions, warming has already occurred and future warming is already baked into the system. We need to start adapting now.

Adaptation is an emerging field and there is much to learn. America Adapts seeks to find adaptation leaders already doing amazing work and to identify potential avenues of progress in society and the environment. We have only scratched the surface on finding the path forward on adaptation, but this podcast is a critical communication device for advancing our collective adaptive capacity.

Key goals:

  • Catalyze global scale connections between experts and information on climate adaptation practice and research.

  • Enhance visibility of adaptation research and current interventions to impacts of climate change, thereby connecting professionals and their efforts to maximize the resource base and increase the efficiency, efficacy and equity by which we can prepare and respond.

  • Communicate critical issues on an real-time platform through interviews with scientists, activists, policy makers and journalists to communicate with the public and diffuse innovation.

  • Broadcast the challenges and barriers presented by adapting to climate change through a variety of multi-channel media platforms.

  • Inspire the public with the message of hope and possibilities balanced with an emphasis on the critical need to make changes.

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