Human Dimensions of Climate Change Adaptation

With Britt Basel, Adaptation Consultant at Ecothropic.


Listen in as Doug Parsons talks with Britt, an adaptation expert whose work has spanned 38 countries. In this episode, we discuss Britt’s unique experiences working with the people of the Solomon Islands doing adaptation planning. Find out how gender can play a role in the process of adaptation planning. Britt vividly describes her experiences working individually, with both the women and men of the Solomon Islands. Britt shares what it was like facilitating a woman’s adaptation workshop, followed by a men’s only workshop, and the cultural aspects needed to merge those two efforts in the development of an effective adaptation plan (Britt has created an amazing, and short, youtube video explaining these efforts on the Island here). Britt and Doug also discuss the role of human dimensions in adaptation planning. Britt is also an expert storyteller and we talk about how that skill will be critical in helping communities identify effective ways to adapt to climate change. We also talk about Britt’s experiences in Cuba and what lessons the U.S. could learn from these international efforts. 


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