Harvard Adapts East Boston to Climate Change

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In episode 49 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons is invited to Harvard University to cover the Graduate School of Design’s end of semester studio seminar.  In the spring semester, graduate students collaborated with the East Boston community to develop an adaptation action plan.  The results of those efforts were presented during the spring seminar. Doug spoke with students, Harvard professors and members of the East Boston community to talk about the recommendations presented and what’s next. Learn about Harvard’s innovative approach to climate change planning and community engagement!

EAST BOSTON ADAPTS – Doug talked with the professors at Harvard responsible for organizing this course. The organizers were Prof. Kathy Spiegelman, Prof. Stephen Gray and Prof. Daniel D’Oca. Doug also spoke with Prof. Jesse Keenan (and previous podcast guest) about the studio course and his own assessment of what the students came up with in their recommendations.

HARVARD PRESENTS – Doug interviewed students presenting as part of this studio course as they shared their experiences working with East Boston. The students also discussed their own adaptation career ambitions.

COMMUNITY AND PLANNERS - Doug interviewed some of the ‘critics’ invited to critique the students’ studio work. Some were representatives from the community of East Boston.  Also invited were representatives from planning agencies in the Boston region.

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Interviewed in this episode:

Prof. Stephen Gray, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design
Prof. Daniel D’Oca, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design
Prof. Kathy Spiegelman, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design
Prof. Jesse Keenan, Harvard University
Prof. Rosetta Elkin, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design
Chanel Williams, Graduate Student in Harvard School of Design
Claire Summers, Graduate Student in Harvard School of Design
Sanjay Seth, Graduate Student in Harvard School of Design
Alice Hinterman, Graduate Student in Harvard School of Design
Amy Chester, Managing Director for Rebuild by Design
Chris Busch, Senior Waterfront Planner, Boston Planning and Development Agency
Gretchen Rabinkin, Executive Director of Community Design Resource Center at Boston
Kannan Thiruvengadam, NOAH, Neighborhood of Affordable Housing, Boston

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